David Hamel is ‘The Granite Man!’

David Hamel, Inventor, Inspirationalist, humanitarian, and – UFO Contactee.

There exists a Rare Presentation By Pierre Sinclaire, an engineer, a man who literally wrote the book on David Hamel.

“David Hamel, who escaped from a prisoner-of-war camp near Dresden, Germany, during the Second World War, has created the now famous Perpetual Motion ‘Spinner’.” says Pierre Sinclaire, in front of a small group of like minded people.

“At the end of 1989, I was fortunate to meet this man named, David Pierre Hamel. Mr. Hamel had been working for the last fourteen years on an energy system that he claimed would produce antigravity and an abundant amount of energy.”

“Also to support his claim, he said that he had built four prototypes that demonstrated these effects. The first one was built in a forty five gallon drum, the second one was built on a trailer, the third one was built on a plywood base, and the fourth one was built on a eight foot in diameter platform at ten feet in the air.”

“I am calling this the GRAVITO MAGNETIC DEVICE’ (GMD). Here are the photographs of David’s devices, here’s how they work, and here are the ones that I built…”

Following this intro, is a very detailed presentation of the actual prototypes, many many photographs, and actual blueprints, that David Hamel built from the specs given to him by – Extraterrestrials!

There are not many men who can claim this knowledge!.


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