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Transformation Of Matter

DH0274ein 1 Transformation Of Matter
The Mutation of Matter

The mutation of matter is the way the energy makes matter. David shows us a complex diagram of the mutation of matter, like Free Energy. He overlays the drawing of his ship over a with a photo of stone hinge. The instruments fit exactly. This is where the ship would land. Don’t you see it.

"Now Look closely", says David. "Here are the granite blocks…". David points to a not very observed area of the stone hinge photo. Yes, I believe they are granite ...Read More

Invisible Sketches!

DH0036spinner  Invisible Sketches!
Drawings of The Invisible!

David Hamel, Aug 1997, while explaining the Hamel Spinner. Some rare footage of David Hamel demonstrating the famous ‘Hamel Spinner’, before he was famous!

Recently found was another rare video of David Hamel videotaped in Aug 15/97, before David was famous. David shows his view of the universe as a hot air balloon expands. "The web is the universe" says David. David Reveals, for the first time on video, the ‘early’ drawings that he used to build the prototypes of the Flying ...Read More

Stuff Missing!

DH0049dave  Stuff Missing!
They Took My Stuff Again!

Once the MIB (men in black) came to his house to take his stuff again. They usually don’t know what they are looking for. "Once they came in and took all my stuff. They walked right past a spinning disc on a granite slab, and didn’t even know that that was what they were here to get, and they left it behind, Ha Ha Ha, stupid people", David laughs. "I need some support, but if I don’t get it, I will still go as far as I can.”.

The David Hamel Signs ...Read More

The Brand New Flying Saucer Physics

DH0270plaque 1 The Brand New Flying Saucer Physics
The Mysteries of the Unseen

"If you look on the walls of the pyramids, you will see my theories"

David Hamel.

David details the how the Nubians inscribed the theory of Free Energy on the walls of the Pyramids!

On the this Video, David Hamel explains these Unusual Theories and the Blueprint of the Universe …in his own words…:

"The Nubians were people that lived long time ago. They were small people. When you look at the Egyptian drawings you will see tall people ...Read More

Alien Seed products

norma beads  Alien Seed products
Unusual Mystical Flower Buds

Unusual Flower Buds appear everywhere after contact David’s wife Nora displays the unusual flower buds found everywhere, shortly after Alien contact.  The Buds appear on the floor, in Nora’s hair, in the bedroom, in the backyard, everywhere. The buds are not resident of Canada or the united states. David states the Buds are an indication of hope and also have been left like a gift in the ET’s.

Close up of Mystical Buds. They are not found locally. They are still green even after 20 ...Read More

UFO Work Shop

videographer  UFO Work Shop
Welcome to David Hamel’s UFO Shop

Hamel’s Workshop

"The Saucer Took Off Right Through… My Roof!"

There is no other Workshop like it in the world, at least this world. You are about to see Physics, Mathematics, and other sciences that have NOT YET BEEN DISCOVERED !!!.So if you can’t figure out what these drawings UFO Work Shop SPINFM_NOSPIN_SEP are, just relax. This will be taught in Public Schools – sometime around the year 2046.

Just Enjoy…

David reluctantly shows us his ...Read More

David Hamel UFO Prototypes

bw saucer on sm stand  David Hamel UFO Prototypes
The Prototypes of David Hamel

Some of David’s earlier prototypes: The neighbors thought he was nuts!… But when it started to vibrate, it took off straight up and was never to be seen ernment Officials soon afterwards arrived.

People David Hamel UFO Prototypes SPINFM_NOSPIN_SEP driving by get upset when their cars stall in front of David’s farm when his machines are on. 30-40 stalled cars can be seen. Neighbors come to observe the commotion. Perpetual Motion!!!, from some simple cheap magnets.

You will not believe this demo on the ...Read More

Alien Physics

drawing 2 Alien Physics
David Hamel Physics Session All of David’s information given to him from Extra-Terrestrials is carefully compiled and analyzed. David seem to understand the information easily, even that their technology is far in advance of Alien Physics SPINFM_NOSPIN_SEP ours. This diagram above "corrects" Einstein’s laws to account for the full model of the universe. A rough sketch of ship propulsion drawn by David from memory. A complete working knowledge is necessary. The sketch is enhanced and a prototype model is ...Read More

Photo Of Alien Ship

saucer  Photo Of Alien Ship

The David Hamel’s Actual Photo

Actual Photo of the UFO Ship

Actual microfilm photo of the ship that took him from Vancouver to Toronto in 30 seconds.

This micro film photo was actually found embedded in the palm of David’s hand upon return to his home in Vancouver – To remind him, that it was ...Read More

UFO Contactees

bw ship draw1  UFO Contactees
-Alien Contactee Amazing David Hamel Blueprint to the Universe: Then he translates the Egyptian symbology into full scale blueprints using the physics given to him by the Extraterrestrials The final prototype model is then constructed and tested. David’s working models are usually confiscated by officials

As he revealed all of this to us, David grabbed his photo album and Egyptian pyramid books and proceeded to show us the chronology of his project. He delighted in showing us how he was able to craft a model of a free energy/antigravity machine from the pictograms of the ...Read More